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Hey there!

I'm Madeline, hot chocolate enthusiast, owner of Scribe, and the girl behind your blog.


How I Help You:

Do you find yourself more comfortable behind a camera than a keyboard? Maybe you have dozens of brand deals you are trying to balance. Perhaps you're swamped, with a summer filled with fantastic weddings, elopements, and senior sessions but you barely have enough time to edit them all, much less blog about each session or product you need to feature. Writing can be hard when it's something that doesn't come naturally, but when your plate is full it's next to impossible. That's where I come in.

I write for photographers & influencers.

Blogging is vital to your business. Between catchy SEO phrases to make sure you show up in Google, sharable content which make your couples feel valued, including talking points brands want included in a way that doesn't feel forced, educational posts to enrich your clients experience, sentences and paragraphs that can double as social media captions... A few words can go a long way. 

Once you hire me, you fill out a questionnaire regarding your session or brand post and grant me access to your gallery so I can pick up on any of the interesting details. 7-10 days later you have a blog post draft waiting for you in your inbox. From there I can revise, *humble brag* although most times I nail it on the first shot, you copy and paste it to your website and click publish.  

You create the content, I write the words. It's really that simple.

Have any questions? Hit up my FAQ page or reach out! I'd love to chat.


A bit about me:

I'm Madeline Vasiliev, but you can call me Maddie. Very pleased to meet you! Thanks for taking the time to take a peek at my website. I'm a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stout with a degree in Professional Communication and Emerging Media. It's a mouthful... I know. Good thing I'm a professional communicator huh? You can often find me starting throwing myself full force into a knitting or weaving project I'll never finish, or dancing to Taylor Swift in the car while the music is on full blast. I pride myself on being able to curate a kick butt playlist for any occasion, I often spend too much time searching for the perfect font, and I become emotionally attached to movie scores. I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners... Oh wait, wrong website.


I enjoy blogging for others, it's kinda my "thing". I noticed that most of the photographers and influencers I've met over the years are so swamped with photo sessions and brand deals, so that's where I come in. I never thought of myself as a writer, but looking back now I guess I should have seen it coming with all those spy novels I wrote as a kid. Look around, get comfortable, and let's create something amazing for you! I can't wait to become the voice behind your blog.


p.s. I purchase way too many notebooks, I love a good notebook

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