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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this whole scribe/blog writing thing work?

So glad you asked! Here's the basics: 
- I give you a questionnaire to fill out about your photoshoot and/or you send me the one your client filled out.
- I also have you send me some images from your session, that way I can pick up on little details and write more in depth. 
- I get to work on your post & send you a draft in a google doc we both have access to.* 
- You send me revisions you want made & I fix any mistakes. More often than not my clients are happy and don't need revisions!  
- You copy, paste & post! (I almost wrote pasta instead of paste, I guess I'm hungry.)

*Disclaimer - I have a lead time of 1 week, and accept 2 posts a day. This is just to make sure that I have enough time to devote to all my incredible clients and provide them the best service possible. Exceptions can be made for rush posts for an additional fee. 

So... Do you do the whole SEO and web design thing?

Long story short. No. 

I do however include basics like your business name, city, and any other certain details you want me to include which contributes to your SEO. My questionnaires include a section for you to include any SEO friendly phrases you would like me to work into your posts.

If you're looking for someone to work with you on SEO I highly suggest that you hire an SEO expert! - is a pretty awesome gal who works with this sort of stuff.

As far as web design, I have absolutely no experience with that whatsoever. If you're looking for someone who is super talented I recommend Jocelyn Burks, she's incredibly gifted and will help you bring your website vision to life!

You can reach out to her at

Are your freebies really free?

Yep! I wanted to create something that lots of my clients could use on a daily basis, so as a way to say thank you I whipped up some easy peasy canned emails that you're more than welcome to download! Check back soon because I will be adding more goodies, or if you want to suggest a future freebie shoot me a message down below!

Do I need to give you all my blog post ideas at once?

Absolutely not! I've had some clients with packages that have lasted them a full year... Some have a list right up front for me. I'll work at your pace. That means if you want to take your time and save me for those super special weddings where everything was magical, but you just don't know how to put it into words... You've got me. If you have a list of 5 posts ready to go, I'll plug in my laptop and get to work. I like to work with my clients and give them each a unique and customized experience. I do have a time limit however, you have to use your package within a year of booking so that I'm able to provide the best service possible to all my current and future clients. 

You're kinda expensive, do you offer any deals or trial packages?

A wise person once told me, "Know your worth, then add tax." (Okay, full disclosure... That person was a quote from Pinterest.) I know that the work I do and the posts I provide for my clients are top notch. I work with my clients and help them edit, and revise, ensuring that they are as proud of the post as I am. If you're not ready to take the plunge for a full package I do offer "A La Carte" post options so you can purchase just one at a time. I promise I'm worth the investment. 

Do you actually post on my website for me?

Nope. I mentioned above you and I share access to a google doc. You're in charge of posting and placing your photos on your website. I already have a hard enough time remembering all of my passwords... I can't remember all my clients too! ;) This is also for security reasons so I cannot be held liable for any issues your site may have. 

The packages you have listed don't fit my writing needs, can I still hire you?

Yes you sure can! I would love to hear about your project that you're working on and how my writing abilities can fit your needs. I'm willing and able to work with you to create and write something incredible and personalized just for you, so shoot me a message. Full disclosure, I work 40 hours at my full-time job so it may take me a few days to get back to you, you're more than welcome to send another email, but I promise I'll follow up with you! While not everyone may be a good fit to work with me, I would love to hear from you to see if we could be a good team!

Why do you use so many dang exclamation points?

Because life is exciting and sometimes the only way to convey that is by tossing an exclamation point on the end of the sentence! (Or every sentence!) (If you don't like that, I can restrain myself.)

Who took the photos on your website?

The majority of the images were taken by the oh so talented Julie Gile of Julie M Gile Photography - She does the most incredible branding photography that will truly bring out your true self and help you put together a cohesive brand. Go head over to her website because I can't sing her praises enough! 

I've also worked with Alyssa Lentz of a.lentzphotography - She is a true joy to work with and I always look forward to any time I get to spend with her!

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