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Perhaps you've hired me to be the girl behind your blog, perhaps you're the person sitting behind the keyboard. Whatever the case may be you might be at a loss for what type of content to put on your site. If you're a photographer you have the best of both worlds, you are constantly creating beautiful content with your photoshoots, but sometimes are not sure what to put on your site that will help draw in your people. Here are the 5 types of content that your clients want to see on your site.

1) Themselves

Perhaps it's the slight inner narcissist in us, but there's something about seeing a blog post devoted entirely to pictures of you that makes people's hearts race a bit. It's exciting, you get to feel like a celebrity for a moment. Not only are images of them splashed on a website, it has content written about them by someone else. It's a way to make your clients feel incredibly special. This is the reason why it's so important to make a point to blog every single wedding, every single senior photoshoot, every single branding session. It will make your clients feel like they are on the top of the world to have an entire post dedicated to them. When my wedding photographer put our wedding photos up on a website I was so pumped, I shared the link with all my friends, tossed it on all my social media pages, continually pulled up the page to show people every chance I could get. "Look at this! It's our wedding photos! Our photographer was incredible, she made me feel so beautiful and captured our day perfectly." Plus it's a win/win for you, every time you post a session you are only increasing your chances to book another gig. I know of at least 3 people who booked my photographer after our wedding because I sang her praises so often.

2) Yearly Round-Up

Doing an end of the year round-up is not only a great way for you to reflect on the year you've just experienced and relive some of the most incredible weddings and other photoshoots but an excellent way to thank your clients. You get a chance to showcase the most popular images from past year, ones that you love and the ones that received the most love on social media.

3) Compilation Posts

Did you have a year that was filled with the most amazing bridal bouquets? Maybe you had seniors with very unique style who all rocked their portrait sessions. Perhaps you even encountered the most breathtaking views while shooting elopements. It's simple and easy content, SEO friendly, and picture friendly. Sure words can say whatever you want, but the age old saying of a picture is worth a thousand words stands true with these types of post. They are incredibly inspirational to your clients or potential clients, it helps them envision your style and you get to portray who YOUR ideal client is over and over again.

4) Listicles

Tehehehe, that's a pretty funny word huh? It's one that I learned when I was the founding member of The Odyssey Online at my university back in college and I think it's freaking brilliant. What is a "listicle" you ask? In a nut shell, it's easy to read content in a list form. You know all those super shareable Buzzfeed articles that you are ashamed to admit you read?

"12 Reasons You Need To Have A Harry Potter Movie Marathon ASAP"

"13 Reasons Why We Are Freaking Out About Taylor Swift's New Album"

"30 Perfect Ideas For A Couples Halloween Costume"

It's just that. Easy to read content. Shareable. Lighthearted. And like I mentioned in #3, SEO friendly. It's the type of content that we like to call "Evergreen Content". Stuff that stays relevant for years after you published it because it's the type of stuff that people will continue to look it up and enjoy it.

5) Informational Posts

These are some of my personal favorite to write, in fact this post is a mixture between a Listicle and an Informational post... It's posts that educate. They teach your current clients or potential clients something new. I've written them on everything from the importance of discussing a wedding timeline with your photographer, to what LNT is and why it's something to be passionate about. (LNT = Leave No Trace) It's a perfect way to help your clients understand what you are passionate about and WHY. Like me, I'm passionate about helping you create content that will help you stay relevant in the day and age of algorithms that only want to see to keep you down. I'm passionate about creating content that you and your clients love to read. I'm passionate about creating content that will showcase who you are, what you do, and help you land more clients.

I hope this helps spark some inspiration for you as you start content planning for the next few months, or maybe it even gives you an idea of how I can better serve you as your personal writer. If that's something you're interested in learning more about, you can head to my FAQ page, but if you know you already want to pull the trigger head on over to my contact page and let's chat!



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