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I've been writing for photographers for 3 years now and have noticed a pattern... I have two posts that I write 99% of the time.

"Wait, you only write two posts over and over?"

Well, no. But there are two genres I've found that I write most often and I figured I should break them down for you here so you know and understand what they are.


These posts that will educate your clients, "What You Need To Know If You're Eloping Internationally" or even those fun listicle type posts that we hate to admit we read on Buzzfeed, "12 Reasons To Include Pets In Your Wedding."

(Plus the word listicle is amazing.)

These type of posts are great when you have a very interesting or specific niche for photography that might take a bit of explaining on your part for your clients to understand why you are the best person for the job. The content tends to be SEO friendly and evergreen, something that will continue to stay relevant for a few years beyond publication date, they showcase your knowledge and help everyone understand why you are the expert on that subject.


Weddings, Elopements, Senior Shoots, Engagement Photos etc. The list goes on for the type of posts that could fit into this "genre", but the ones above are the most popular. A title you could expect for a post like this would be, "Intimate Wedding at *Insert Venue*". Sometimes photographers will include their client's names in the title, sometimes they won't it's all up to you.

This type of post is a great option if your schedule is booked solid and you have no idea how you will manage blogging all your sessions on top of shooting and editing them, you just pass them off to me! These posts can also be SEO friendly as I tend to use certain keywords such as the venue or wedding planner's name within the posts so they can help you attract your ideal client.

Why am I sharing this information with you? Well, part of my writing process is setting up a client portal with questionnaires for you to fill out with basic information about the posts I will be writing. I want to make sure you can see everything in front of you so you know what I'm working on at any given time. When I set up your client portal I like to make sure I have the proper amount of questionnaires uploaded for you, but don't worry if you think you're only going to have me writing about your weddings all year long, but 3 months in decide you would like an educational post, I can easily switch one out!

I can't wait to start writing for you!



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